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BMW VANOS repair

BMW Vanos Repair

BMW Engines have a variable camshaft timing system called VANOS. Each engine has a slightly different VANOS unit, however they all can suffer with solenoid failures, oil leaks, engine rattles or rumbling noises and can make your car lack the performance it was designed for.

We normally would use our BMW ICID or GT1 to diagnose the fault with your vehicle and then offer you a repair to suit your budget, time and financial constraints. We are particularly well versed with E36 S50 M3 / Z3M, E46 S54 M3 / Z4M, M52/M52TU, M54 but also have the tools and capability for tackling all BMW or MINI Variable camshaft timing / chain issues.


BMW Swirl Flap Repair

BMW Swirl Flap Removal

BMW Diesel Engines have swirl flaps fitted in the inlet manifold to provide better combustion under certain load conditions. Unfortunately whilst the flaps are fitted to aid running they have a design flaw meaning they fatigue with age and in extreme circumstances disintegrate and become wedged inside your engine or even result in total engine failure. Countless engines have been destroyed by the metal butterfly valve after it has parted company with the spindle it sits on.

We now offer Swirl Flap Removal. After removing your inlet manifold, we carry out a full clean of your EGR system and then remove your original swirl flaps and replace with aluminium swirl flap blanking plugs. This offers total peace of mind as it prevents any danger of your engine ingesting a wayward swirl flap. This service can also be used as a cost saving exercise as opposed to replacing your inlet manifold due to oil leaks. It is worth considering having your glow plugs refreshed whilst the manifold is removed.


BMW Panoramic Sunroof Repair

BMW Panoramic Sunroof Repair

We offer a sunroof rebuild service for most BMW & MINI sunroofs. Common failures occur in E53 X5, E61 5 Series Touring and E91 3 Series. The normal failure is as a result of plastic runner fatigue and lack of grease when BMW assembled these units in the factory. We use original BMW modified kits to completely refresh your sunroof returning it to you in full working order.


DPF Filter

BMW DPF Cleaning / Removal

DPF Blockages are becoming common place in many manufacturer`s vehicles usually because of other engine component failure resulting in over fuelling and then DPF blockage or excessive back pressure.

We have purchased the latest TUNAP TUV approved cleaning system which allows in car cleaning of the DPF filter and then we carry out a forced regeneration of your DPF to then return your car to you with better performance and fuel economy. We will also carry out diagnostics using BMW ICID to ascertain why the problem occurred.

We can alternatively release extra performance from your cars engine by removing the DPF filter system and then remapping your DDE control unit.


Shaft Bearing

Porsche Intermediate Shaft Bearing Replacement

Porsche Engines fitted to the 986, 987 Boxster and 996 (&early 997) 911s are prone to the intermediate shaft bearing failing resulting in catastrophic engine failure. The early warning signs including visible metal particles caught in the oil filter, rattle on start up or strange engine noises whilst driving. It pays to have your car looked at before the intermediate shaft fails as this will certainly reduce any potential repair bills. When the bearing breaks up it normally results in throwing the timing chain off the sprockets at engine running speed and / or total break up of the bearing meaning metal fragments are distributed right through your oil system.

Engine Oil leaks should be checked out immediately as it is a common misconception that the rear main oil seal is leaking when the reality may be a failing IMS bearing allowing the IMS flange to weep oil.

We can either replace your IMS with a new Porsche genuine item or we can use a LN Engineering ceramic bearing kit, either way we strongly recommend we replace the clutch and rear main oil seal at the same time.

Intermediate Shaft Bearing Upgrade with RMS Seal replacement:

Boxster 986 / 911 996 C2 Manual � �895 / with new clutch � �1100 +VAT

For Tiptronic models � �1050 + VAT

911 996 C4 Manual - �995+VAT / with new clutch � �1250 + VAT


Oil Seal

Porsche Rear Main Oil Seal Replacement

Porsche Engines fitted to the 986,987 Boxster and 996 (&early 997) 911s are also prone to the rear main (crankshaft) oil seal leaking. This is normally simply due to fatigue in the rubber seal but can also result in premature clutch failure due to oil contamination or just simply make a mess under your car.