Ecotune Performance Enhancements


Have you ever wondered what performance could be released from your engine with a custom remap?

We have recently become an authorised dealer for Ecotune who lead the field in writing specialist software to suit your requirements € whether its all out performance, economy or a twist of the two we can get the most from your car. We have recently invested in the latest Alientech Ktag and Keiss interfaces which are industry leaders in the world of engine remapping. We safely store the original factory engine map for your car so that if you later wish to have the car restored to original output we can simply overwrite the "Ecotune" map.

We have had our own 2007 BMW E92 335D Sport Coupe tuned by Ecotune and we are proud to show the following rolling road printouts. We have tried to get the very maximum from the 3.0 Diesel M57N2 Twin turbo engine.


The other modifications our car has had to achieve these astounding results are:

  • Custom Turbos built at Turbo Dynamics
  • Wagner Intercooler
  • DPF Removal € Ecotune Straight through stainless steel pipe fitted
  • Forge High Performance Intercooler Duct
  • Diesel Terraclean to restore injector/fuel system performance
  • Aluminium Swirl Flap blanking Plugs
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What cars can be tuned?

Ecotune engine remapping works best with turbo charged engines however we are able to increase the performance of any vehicle.

If you are interested in the power / economy upgrades we are now able to offer please don't hesitate to contact us for more info or feel free to browse




See what can be achieved: