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At Walkers Autotech we are constantly looking for the latest advances in technology and ways to keep customers vehicles running at their optimum.

A few of our trade contacts and a handful of our regular customers had mentioned the benefits bourne from having their fuel system and intake system treated with a "Terraclean." We invited Terraclean UK to visit our site in November 2013 and were so impressed with the results that we placed our equipment order and have now become an approved Terraclean dealer.

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What can Terraclean do for you?

For petrol and diesel vehicles alike we can utilise these high tech brand new machines to carry out a full cleanse of your fuel and intake systems and restore lost bhp, improve fuel economy and improve running of your car. Terraclean uses brand new technology to decarbonise your fuel system and return your fuel system to the way it was designed to operate the day it left the manufacturer.

What is carbon build up?

Modern fuels are not as refined as we all led to believe so when burnt inside your engine carbon is one of the by products of the combustion process. This carbon builds up over time and can lead to a variety of faults such as poor performance, lumpy idle, smoke, poor fuel economy, blocked inlet tract or EGR, fouled spark plugs, glowplugs, DPF blockages, sticky turbo vanes etc


By removing these deposits and keeping your engine components properly decarbonised in the future you could improve your fuel economy by 4-15%, restore lost performance and prevent future big bills. Terraclean has also been proven to remove varnishes and lacquer build up too.

How does it work?

We connect our Terraclean machine directly onto your car`s fuel system bypassing the onboard fuel system so that the only mixture taken into the combustion cycle is one we control.

How we treat petrol engines

petrol engine


There are two liquids we use to treat you engine and fuel system € these screw into the top of our machine and run through its internal reactor creating negative electron particles of highly refined fuel.

This nano technology gently removes carbon deposits and is far more effective than the alternative fuel system additives which contain heavy solvents. This mixture then gets driven through your fuel system by the Terraclean machine`s in built pump; after about half an hour with the machine connected it completes its clean cycle and the vehicle is ready to be reassembled and driven away.

How we treat diesel engines

diesel engine


The Terraclean liquid is added to the machine, we then connect the vehicle specific connectors to bypass the vehicle on board fuel system. The machine is then set to equal the fuel rail pressure as specified by the manufacturer. The vehicle is then started and set to run at 1500 rpm for about 15 minutes.

The next stage is a 10 minute period of the engine being turned off for the formula to soak into any remaining stubborn deposits before the vehicle is restarted for the final 15 minutes of the service. After this the vehicle is reassembled and ready to be driven away.

Contact us about Terraclean

A Terraclean service takes around 1.5 hours and costs €75+VAT ( <2.0 litre engine capacity ) or €90 + VAT( >2.0 litre. )

If you are interested in Terraclean please don't hesitate to contact us for more info or feel free to browse www.terraclean.co.uk