At Walker`s Autotech we are often able to reduce our client’s costly main dealer repair bills with our specialist repairs. Whereas the typical main dealer approach would probably mean replacing a costly item in its entirety, we have developed and perfected a number of techniques to either prevent or to repair rather than replace faulty components.

We have just added the latest Autologic diagnostic tools to our comprehensive fault finding tools which enable us to offer main dealer level fault diagnostics across all major prestige manufacturers.

Below is a small example of this particular specialist work. Should you require a consultation on any repair work of this nature, please do not hesitate to get in touch.

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    BMW Servicing Case Study


    BMW Engines have a variable camshaft timing system called VANOS. Each engine has a slightly different VANOS unit, however they can all suffer with solenoid failures, oil leaks, engine rattles or rumbling noises and can make your car lack the performance it was designed for.

    We normally would use our BMW ISTA/D or Autologic to diagnose the fault with your vehicle and then offer you a repair to suit your budget, time and financial constraints. We are particularly well versed with E36 S50 M3 / Z3M, E46 S54 M3 / Z4M, M52/M52TU, M54 but also have the tools and capability for tackling all BMW or MINI Variable camshaft timing / chain issues.

    BMW Servicing Case Study


    BMW Diesel Engines have swirl flaps fitted in the inlet manifold to provide better combustion under certain load conditions. Unfortunately, whilst the flaps are fitted to aid running they have a design flaw meaning they fatigue with age and in extreme circumstances disintegrate and can become wedged inside your engine or even result in total engine failure. Countless engines have been destroyed by the metal butterfly valve after it has parted company with the spindle it sits on.

    We offer Swirl Flap Removal. After removing your inlet manifold, we carry out a full clean of your EGR system and then remove your original swirl flaps and replace with aluminium swirl flap blanking plugs. This offers total peace of mind as it prevents any danger of your engine ingesting a wayward swirl flap and gives us the opportunity to inspect the engine for carbon deposits. This service can also be used as a cost saving exercise as opposed to replacing your inlet manifold due to oil leaks. It is also worth considering having your glow plugs refreshed whilst the manifold is removed.

    BMW Servicing Case Study


    Porsche Engines fitted to the 986, 987 Boxster and 996 (& early 997) 911s are all prone to the intermediate shaft bearing failing, resulting in catastrophic engine failure. The early warning signs including visible metal particles caught in the oil filter, rattle on start up or strange engine noises whilst driving. When the bearing eventually breaks up it normally results in throwing the timing chain off the sprockets at engine running speed and can mean total engine failure. Gradual break up of the bearing means probable ticking noise at idle but more worryingly metal fragments are distributed right through your oil system which will in most cases require a full engine strip.

    We can undertake any type of IMS Bearing upgrade, diagnose IMS / Engine faults, Rear Main seal leak and / or carry out clutch replacement. Normally we replace your IMS bearing with either an LN Engineering ceramic bearing kit, or an oil fed EPS Bearing, either way, we normally recommend that we replace the clutch, rear main oil seal and carry out an oil service at the same time.

    BMW Servicing Case Study


    We offer a sunroof rebuild service for most BMW & MINI sunroofs. Common failures occur in E53 X5, E61 5 Series Touring and E91 3 Series.

    The normal failure is as a result of plastic runner fatigue and lack of grease when BMW assembled these units in the factory. We use original BMW modified kits to completely refresh your sunroof returning it to you in full working order.

    Thank you for fixing my X5 panoramic sunroof, my local dealer told me I needed a whole new unit but you rebuilt the original one for a fraction of the cost.

    James Chapman


      By submitting this enquiry form you consent to us storing and using your personal details solely for the purposes of servicing your enquiry. You also have read and agree to our TERMS & CONDITIONS and PRIVACY POLICY.